Gender for Business app

Gender3What is the app?

The Gender for Business app is based on Fons Trompenaars’ Seven Dimension of Culture model, and is supported by data on the cultures of over 140,000 people representing 2 genders.

It provides clients with a better understanding of and detailed information on the differences between men and women. It provides managers or anyone who is interested in understanding other genders with specific tips for communications, management, conflict handling, motivating, education and training.

What is the purpose?

To provide a better understanding of gender differences, the reasons for those differences, and most importantly to increase users’ cross-gender management, communication and motivation capabilities.

When should it be used?

The app can be carried and used anywhere, any time. It can be used as a self-learning tool to understand and deal with gender differences in business, but it can also be used as an encyclopaedia.

Whenever a cross-gender issue appears, the app can be used to look for immediate answers. It can be seen as a cross-gender management “trainer” that users will have permanent access to.

Unique selling point?

Tips are dependent on delta between score individual/gender and gender of choice.

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